DIGITRON 2.0 Vario

Digitron II is the control system based on Siemens S7 normalized platform, which provides the connection via modbus of all sensors, actuators, valves and power drivers.

Software is not limited to the temperature and humidity control of the process and environments but constantly checks the correct execution of all the commands given and received feedback from the field that enable the continuous supervision of position, faults and absorption and an immediate response, correction or adaptation of the system itself.

Fans and humidification pump controlled variable displacement s run continuously from specific algorithms that take into account the temperature-humidity conditions of the room, the external conditions, insolation or dispersions of the departments, the thermal load present in them and that continuously vary the supply of air and water supplied.

The result is a self adjusting system which always guarantees:

• correct capacity with minimum energy consumption

• historical record of thermo hygrometric conditions and anomalies

• accurate and real-time accounting of energy, thermal fluid and water  humidification consumption

• remote monitoring from any PC inside or outside of the company

• remote control by the AERIS technical service