AERIS has developed substantial expertise in the management of large projects. The engineering and organizational capacity have become a strong point of our skills


■ Technical and economic feasibility studies

■ Planning and services including basic and detailed design

■ Project management

■ Commissioning & Validation


■ global approach using a worldwide network of suppliers


■ Technical assistance during installation, start-up and commissioning

■ Construction and installation services

Contract models

Maximum contractual flexibility approach

■ EP design and supply management

■ EPC design, procurement and installation

■ Transfer of Licenses and know-how

AERIS provides engineering and services adapted to every need either for the revamping and expansion of the existing treatment plants, either for the supply of new installations.

AERIS can also take care of the only basic design, the constructional specifications, the control and verification of the progress of the  works and the installation validation, leaving to the customer the opportunity to utilize its normal supply channels, relying on our technical specifications and on our consultancy.